ABS – This could save your life

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What is ABS?

ABS stands for Anti- lock braking system. This technology prevents the brake from locking. On bikes with no ABS when the rider suddenly squeezes the brake hard, the disc brake will lock(cease rotation) and the tire will start to skid. Skidding the tires will make the bike stop later than needed. While on bikes with ABS, when you squeeze the brakes the ABS control unit will detect if a tire is slipping. It then pulses the brake fluid pressure, so that the tire will turn and stop it from skidding. Not skidding will make the stopping distance shorter. Riders can now fully brake on emergency situations without the fear of skidding.


How it Works

The ABS is made up of ABS control unit, speed sensor on both tires, disc brakes on both tires and indicator. When the rider fully applies the brake hard as on emergency stopping situations(like that stupid taxi driver turning left suddenly without a using the turn signals), the wheel will likely lock up. When the ABS control unit detects an impending wheel lock up thru comparing the speed sensors, The ABS control unit then decreases the brake pressure to prevent wheel from locking. When the tire is not skidding and traction is restored the ABS control unit then increase back the pressure. The system is decreasing and increasing brake pressure many times per second causing a pulsating effect.



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  • Victor Cosep

    After having a motorcycle with ABS, will never buy another motorcycle without ABS..