What is Bank Angle Sensor?

When my brother got into an accident with his Honda CBR15o head on to a Kia picanto. The front of the bike was a total wreck. Being a Mechanic, and a big brother, i fixed it for him(free of charge of course with a lot of nagging). During the tear down of the bike i notice this small box connected at the front cowling in the center, with three wires just below the visor. At that time, I know it was a sensor but i did not know what sensor it was. So i did a little research and google told me that is was a BANK ANGLE SENSOR(BAS).

Bank Angle Sensor

What is a Bike Angle Sensor(BAS)?

So, i asked google again what it was for and he told me that it is a safety device for the bike. It was to shut off the engine when the bike leans so much and not moving. In other words, it shuts off the engine when the motorcycle tips over or when you overshoot on that curve and crash.

How Does it work?

The bank angle sensor has three wires.  1 wire is common and the other two wires for left and right. When the bike tips over there is a weight that goes over the direction of the tip due to gravity and connects 1 on the wire to the common wire. This connection will then stop the engine by shutting the electricals of the bike. You can’t even start the bike when the bank angle sensor is activated. You will have to turn off and on the key to reset the bike.

Inside the bank angle sensor(VIDEO)

Bank Angle sensor in Action 

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