Fast Facts: uberMOTO Philippines

What is uberMOTO?

uberMOTO is a new service of the company UBER but instead of using the cars and vans it will utilized Motorcycles. uberMOTO started in India and is now also on Thailand and Indonesia. News are circulating that they will be here in the Cebu,Philippines this May 2017.

How it works

With just a push of a button, through the uber app, the rider/passenger will get a motorcycle ride to his/her destination.  When the rider books a ride, he will recieve the driver details, his current location, estimated time of arrival and rate of the ride. Just like other uber services, the uberMOTO will have the standard safety features like insurance coverage, GPS tracking, two-way feedback, and share trip details to family and friends.

uberMOTO cebu

How to book a ride using uberMOTO?

According to their website. To avail of the uberMOTO service or to book a ride follow the steps below:

  • Download uber app in app store for iphone and playstore for androids
  • Create an UBER account.
  • Select uberMOTO in the app, enter the pickup location and payment method, and request a ride; receive driver details — name, photo and details of the motorbike.
  • uberMOTO drivers will have one helmet for the rider, and all riders and drivers must wear a helmet.
  • At the end of the trip, pay by cash, credit/debit card or mobile wallet and receive an electronic receipt via the Uber app.


There are still no news on the rates of the ride here in Cebu but for sure it will be cheap. In India, The rate is

INR15 – Base Charge (Php 11.63)

INR3 – Per Kilometer (Php 2.33)

INR1 – Per Minute (Php 0.78)

Today’s rate is 1 Indian Rupee = 0.78 Philippine Peso

UberMOTO rate

For uberMOTO drivers, uber will take 20% commision, so if you have Php 100 fare, uber will take 20% from it or Php20.

How can i be an uberMOTO driver?

You can sign up directly at their office located at the 7F 13 building, Asiatown, IT park, Cebu City or online

Submit the following requirements:

  • Philippine Driver’s License
  • OR/CR or Sales Invoice for new motorcycle(Motorcycle should not be older than 9 years old)
  • NBI Clearance
  • Barangay Clearance





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