How to improved braking power in motorcycles

Great power comes with great responsibility. So, what will you do if you have a very powerful engine but you don’t have enough braking power to stop your bike on time. Even some(if not all) MotoGP riders will say that engine power is important but braking power is even more important. So, how do you improve braking power.

There are 3 common ways to improve your braking power.

  1. Change Caliper to with larger pistons or multi-pistons.

2. Change Brake pad or Brake shoe

3. Changing Brake disc sizes


Changing the Caliper

Replacing your stock caliper with larger pistons or multi-pistons will improve braking power since the force exerted by the brake caliper will be distributed to a larger area. Meaning clamping force will greatly improved.

Here is a video that will explain why:

Changing the Brake pad or Brake Shoe

Performance brake pads for motorcycles are commonly made of Semi-Metallic compounds. There also the ceramic compounds and organic compounds but i will be dealing with that in a future discussion.

Semi metallic brake pads has superior braking performance compared to your stock organic compound brake pads. You can see some metal inside as you look at the pads. The metal content gives the brake pads better grip on the brake disc. But this brake pad tends to be noisier especially on rainy seasons. It also wears your brake disc more.

faito brake pads
faito brake pads

As for the brake shoes performance brake shoes also have different materials but more noticeable upgrade is that it has longer shoe materials. Yamaha Mio has very less braking power in the rear brakes. This is because their stock brake shoes has insufficient pad material to brake effectively.

Please see picture below. The top is a cheap replacement brake shoe for Yamaha Mio. Below is Performance brake shoe by Chicken Stop. Notice that the Chicken stop brake shoe has longer brake materials than the stock ones. Longer/ Larger pad materials will have larger braking area. This will make braking power better.

Changing the Brake Disc to a larger Ones

Imagine pushing a door with one finger near the hinge. It takes a lot of force just to open the door . right? Then imagine pushing the same the door with the same finger but this time push it at the door knob. Easier and takes less force, isn’t it? This is called leverage. So, the farther it is from the point of rotation/ center point, the easier it is to move or stop and the lesser the force you will exert.

Changing the brake disc to a larger ones will also move the brake caliper farther from the center. So stopping the wheel will take only little force compare to the smaller discs. Among the Three, This is the the most costly upgrade but this is also the most noticeable.

Racing boy big discs
Racing boy big discs


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