How your motorcycle clutch works

Ever wondered how your motorcycle clutch works? The motorcycle clutch is one of the important parts of the the motorcycle engine. It transfers the power from the engine to the to the wheel. Unlike the manual car which has only 1 big clutch lining, the motorcycle clutch is a multi-clutch. It uses a number of small plates and friction plates. And it is a wet clutch, meaning it needs oil to operate and prevent it from overheating.

How it operates:

Importance of Choosing the right oil

Since Motorcycle clutches involve lots of sliding and frictions, It will generate a lot of heat. So it will need oil to cool.

Choosing the right oil is very important. If you use an oil that is made for cars which have friction modifiers(making it more slippery), It will make the clutch slip. When it is slipping, power from the piston will not be transmitted efficiently to the wheel. This is called a Clutch Slip. Using also thick oils will also make the clutch drag even if you depress the clutch lever.

So what oil should you used? Oil for motorcycles should have a JASO MA2 grading(I will discuss JASO grading in another blog)This means that the oil is tested so that it will minimize clutch slippage when the engine is making lots of power.

Example: You can see what JASO rating is in your oil in the container.



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