MotoGP Lever Guards/Brake Lever Protection – Here’s why you need it

When MotoGP-style lever guards came out in the market i always thought that they protect your brake levers in the event of a crash. Just today i was watching youtube and came across Rizoma PRO GUARD Commercial. That was when i really knew the purpose of this guard. It is ingenius, MotoGP made it compulsory that every race bike should have a lever guard.

rizoma brake lever protection


MotoGP-style Lever Guards  is useful when a bike sideswipe/bumps into another bike the lever guard protects the lever from accidentally getting press by the other bike. It can also be use on the street when you accidentally bumps/sideswipe, the lever guards prevents the brake lever from being accidentally pressed. Another purpose of the lever guard, is  has aerodynamic properties and deflects wind from pressing slight on you brake levers at top speeds.

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