When to replace your brake shoe?

Do you know when to replace your brake shoe? How do you know if your brake shoe is already very thin? Some brake shoes just need a little clean while some is already doing metal to metal contact(ouch). So how can you avoid wasting money changing a perfectly good brake? or preventing a bald brake shoe doing a metal to metal contact and damaging your brake drum? The answer is look at your Brake shoe wear indicator

drum brake wear indicator

What is a Brake Shoe Wear Indicator?

The brake shoe wear indicator is a mechanism that will tell you if your brake shoe should be replaced due to wear. It is commonly located at the brake panel and the brake arm. see picture below as example.

drum brake usage line

How do the brake shoe wear indicator works?

The brake shoe wear indicator has two main components, The Wear indicator plate which is connected to the brake arm and the Replace brake shoe limit line. To know if you need to change brake shoe, Just press the brake lever or the foot brake. This should move the brake arm together with the wear indicator plate. When the wear indicator plate is in line with the replace brake shoe limit line, Then your brake shoe is already thin enough to be replace.



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