Yamaha Aerox 155 VVA Engine Specs

If you want to know what engine will propel the Yamaha Aerox, Read This. The Yamaha Aerox 155 VVA engine is the same as the NMAX. That’s right, it is basically the same with the powerful and responsive. What is the difference with the old mio engine than the NMAX blue core engine?

yamaha aerox 155 vva engine
yamaha aerox 155 vva engine

Here are the features of the engine:

  1. Large capacity air cleaner – Larger air cleaner means you can ram in as much air as the engine wants.
  2. Optimized fuel injection settings
  3. Effective air control – a curve intake manifold is utilized so that fuel and air mixture will tumble when it enters the combustion chamber. Making the A/F properly mix and easier to burn and will burn almost completely.
  4. Compact Combustion Chamber –  The combustion chamber is very small and it will make compression ratio high. High compression ratio will make it make the engine more responsive. It will also help with the atomizing of the Air/Fuel mixture.
  5. Smart Motor Generator – without the usual starter and one way clutch the engine’s power loss is minimize. The old starter is also noisy unlike this new system. The smart motor generator acts as a starter when engine is off and act as a generator when the engine is on.
  6. Roller rocker arm – Also minimizes friction losses since this will use a bearing to meet with the camshaft.
  7. Offset cylinder – The cylinder is offset relative to the crankshaft meaning at the power stroke the connecting rod is parallel to the cylinder liner. When the fuel ignites the piston will be push down easily due to this.
  8. DiASil cylinder – DiASil mean Die-cast aluminum silicon. When the engine block is cast, silicon was added in the mix. This Makes the surface very smooth for the piston and rings. It also has 60% cooling effeciency comfared to the old aluminum and liner.
  9. VVA – Stands for Variable Valve Acquition. 2 cams is used in the intake side, One for low speed and one for high speed. Read my other article regarding VVA


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